DF Tram

DF Tram is a music producer, DJ, and visual artist originally from Los Angeles, California. His genre-fusion, cinematic, psychedelic audio/visual sets have garnered the attention of Alex Patterson (The Orb) and ‘Youth’ Martin Glover (Killing Joke/Producer for Paul McCartney, The Verve), as well as his legendary chillout label Liquid Sound Design, where he released his lo-fi chillout masterpiece ‘Serenitay Infinitay’.

He has produced countless remixes and productions under different pseudonyms and aliases, making a name for himself with his legendary sets. He toured with The Orb on their last tour of the US. He has collaborated with ambient luminaries such as The Orb, The Irresistible Force, Afterlife, and Dr. Atmo. Additionally, he has been nominated for an Ibiza DJ Award in the Eclectic category and exhibited his work at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. In 2024, his new album will be released on Alex Paterson’s (The Orb) ‘Orbscure’ record label.