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Fire In Her Eyes

Sisters, songwriters and multi- instrumentalists ‘Fire In Her Eyes’ invite you to share their world. From psych-folk and progressive-rock to pop, soulful jazz and world music, they will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Through mesmerising melodies, captivating harmonies and rich chords, their work is timeless. Study their lyrics and you’ll find multi-layered meanings including a recurring message of oneness and self discovery. Track them down on the live circuit and you’ll find a lineup dressed straight out of Woodstock with a modern twist, accompanied by homemade visuals and original paintings, blurring the lines between art forms. After experiencing a trip through heaven and hell, they have a strong message for the world- ‘However bad it gets, you have to follow the light. If you get lost in yourself, you can be found’. Fire In Her Eyes now play with a full seven piece band and have performed at venues such as The Brighton Dome Concert Hall, Leighton House Museum and St Pancras Old Church. They have had radio play on BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Radio Caroline, BBC Asian Network, WFMU, Soho Radio, Planet Rock, Resonance FM and Amazing Radio.