lo Psychedelic Trance project of UK based artist Joe Studt. Originally formed in 2009, Joe has released over 70 tracks across three albums, numerous EPs and singles, and performed live to some of the biggest and best dance floors on the global Psytrance scene including bookings with Glastonbury, Boom Festival, Universo Paralello, O.Z.O.R.A, Tribe and Noisily Festival in the UK. He has also become a season fixture at the beach parties of Goa over the last ten years.

Hypnocoustics has collaborated with luminaries of the Psychedelic Trance scene including Cosmosis, Space Tribe, Dick Trevor, Dino Psaras and Hujaboy, along with further hit tracks with some of the key producers of the next generation such as Mandala, James West, Brainiac and Outsiders. A prolific collaborator, he has a further project “Flying Sorcerers” with Aphid Moon.

Joe brings a unique touch to all his music and an accomplished ear honed through a background of classical music performance and orchestral playing. He comes from a family of classically trained musicians, started learning the Violin at age 4, won a music scholarship in 1997 at age 13, and completed his undergraduate Music degree specialising in performance in 2005. However it was lysergic exposure to classic Goa Trance albums whilst at School, along with his love of psychedelic rock bands like Tool & The Mars Volta, that tuned him into the alternative frequencies offered by these new forms of music.

Originally born in London, in 2019 Joe moved to rural Somerset where he runs his studio just outside a reputedly haunted 16th Century village. It has been in this atmosphere that his most recent Psytrance productions have been written, pushing boundaries with eclectic references to some of the pioneers of 20th Century electronica, live Violin FX, and a stylistic versatility between day/night moods.

Signing with UK/ SA label Nano Records in 2020, Hypnocoustics has a genuine passion for the global psychedelic movement, and is considered to be one of the UK’s brightest and most talented Psytrance artists.

Record Labels Hypnocoustics releases music with include – Nano Records // TIP Records // Iono Music // Zero 1 // Bom Shanka Music // Digital Om // Free Spirit // BMSS // Liquid Records // Aphid Records.