Neill Moore

Neill Moore is a UK based psychedelic trance DJ, producer, audio engineer, sound designer and tutor.  He plays his live act sets as Neill Moore presents NEO where he brings a full live kit of project stems,  hardware synthesisers, FX and drum machines to the stage to create a totally new and exciting  dimension of interest to his tracks that make them differnt every time. This DJ has been a favourite of many fans and promotes for many years, he is frequently considered to  be the best DJ in the UK and a fast rising production talent just waiting to explode. With over a decade  of production experience and more than fourteen years behind the decks, Neill gracefully delivers  spellbindingly powerful musical experiences that leaves the crowd in awe without fail. This reputation has  helped get some of the UKs best artists and promoters to fully support him, both as a DJ and live act. Neill has also spent over a decade training in audio engineering and has made a lot of music in a lot of  different genres. He is also an avid sound designer and synth programmer, with countless hours of synth patch designing that have helped give a flavor to his tracks that fans say sounds ‘unique’ or ‘different.’ As a music composer, he likes bringing many ideas inspired by many kinds of music that include breaks, dubstep, uplifting trance, tribal, dark psytrance, techno, cinematic, classical and many more.  

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