DJ Moon

Diane Fernandez aka DJ Moon Is one of the most sort after and successful DJ’s to escape Mexico. She began her career as a DJ at 18 years in Guadalajara Mexico, and soon became very popular in her country, propelling her across the world thanks to her phenomenal presentations. In 2010 she joined forces with Alchemy Records as label Dj and 2015 she was represent by Zero1 Music, offering one of the best sets for Psytrance in the electronic scene.

DJ Moon left Mexico to play and explore countries such as UK, Brazil, India, France, Holland, Japan, Germany , Panama and more, playing to audiences up to 15,000 people at events and festivals such as: EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), Glastonbury, Glade Festival, Boom Town Fair UK, Life Festival (Dublin), Universo Paralello, Xxxperience (Brazil), TribalGathering (Panama), Solstice Festival (Amsterdam), Russian Xmas Party , Primerose and West End (Goa), Gentenkaki (Japan), Twisted Record Shpongle Afterparties, Return to the Source UK , Halcyon @ Matter 02 Arena London and many more.

In 2012 Dj moon starts her music production career under the name Adalamoon, with the releases on Zero1 Music, Tandava Records, Spectral Illusions, Goa Trance Nations, Synk87 and Vagalume Records.

She currently lives in in Sao Paulo Brazil where she studies classical music, also she is the mind behind Special M project formed whit her husband DJ Mack. 2024 Adalamoon open Ixchel music a groundbreaking electronic music label on a mission to amplify the voices and talents of women in the music industry! Releasing her first solo album Metamorfosis.