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Florescence, a UK-based Psytrance DJ and aspiring producer, has made a name for herself with her funky, glitchy twilight style.

Coming from a musical family, she grew up singing and playing guitar at a young age, but at 19 her heart was captivated by Psytrance. Her unique mesmerising sets and enchanting energy quickly gained her recognition, leading to countless performances in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, and India.

Florescence, a member of Psy-Sisters Collective, is one of the youngest DJs in the industry, having performed at legendary venues like Shiva Valley in Goa and prestigious UK festivals such as Boomtown Fair and Noisily Festival. With plans to release her own music soon, Florescence continues to make waves in the Psytrance scene and will be making her debut at Indian Spirit & Ozora Festival this summer.