Nicolas Oesch (A.K.A. Nikka) is the musical creator behind the psytrance project called MEKKANIKKA. He has been producing and releasing psytrance music since 1999. MEKKANIKKA released his first solo  album on Germany’s legendary psytrance label, Spirit Zone in 2004. Receiving instantly great response from international dance floors, leading him to launch an international career and release much more music MEKKANIKKA has since then become an established name in the trance scene. He is well known for his crystal clear music production and his high energy live performance. He has been delivering sets all around the world sharing the stage and/or the studio with numerous psytrance artists …including GMS, SPACE TRIBE, SONIC SPIECES, AVALON, MAD TRIBE, STRYKER, MAD MAXX, AJJA, BLISS,  MICHELE ADAMSON, SPONGLE, RAJA RAM, TRISTAN, EARTHLINK, TALAMASCA, and many more. On the creative side, MEKKANIKKA has been releasing music consistently, many time reaching the top of the charts. The 2019-2020 season will be full of new high end music and performances, as he just teamed up with his good friend STRYKER to start a new wild project called “WIKIDZ” to be launched in the spring 2020. Get ready to embark on a musically charged experience.