Barthelemy Bayona better known by his stage name Stryker, is a French international Psychedelic trance music DJ, engineer and producer. He is one of the most prominent artists from the French scene. Combining more than 18 years of career in the music industry, Stryker is the outcome of all this experience from the production angle as well as from the musical side. The result is a fat crystal clear production bound by no codes, always exploring and fine tuning every single track. And it’s all about making the people dance and

His tracks have reached the top of the charts many times, collaborating with artists such as Talamasca, GMS, Space Tribe, Sonic Species, Mad Maxx, Pixel, Mekkanikka and many more. As a DJ/Producer, Stryker always deliver such a positive experience on the dancefloor at any time of the day and in many events anywhere on the planet. Bart is managing his time very tightly, between being the mastering engineer of many of the top artists and labels, touring and producing with no compromise in the music and during his performances.

Constantly delivering a flow of hits and concepts, the last one being a versus album with the legendary GMS.
Keeping in mind the need to explore uncharted territories, Stryker just teamed up with his pal Mekkanikka to create a new genre of electronic music with their soon to be announced project “WIKIDZ”!